Shipping Carriers Report Delays:
We have received notice from our major carriers that they cannot commit to their standard or posted transit times.
Red Hawk is continuing to monitor carrier status and is working with carriers to provide customers ongoing updates.
Please contact your Red Hawk Account Manager for more detailed information.


In the spring of 2001, a Private Equity firm consolidating golf car dealers and distributors went into bankruptcy. John Clough and Gillet Boyce were able to purchase the inventory out of bankruptcy --- and created Red Hawk LLC.

AerialJohn and Gillet believed they had a quick and profitable turn on their hands; but as the seventy-seven tractor trailer loads of loose parts arrived, it quickly became apparent that it would take a year or more to sort through and identify the inventory. So, with a small crew, the identification process began and by October Red Hawk was ready to begin liquidating the parts they had identified. Then, the bank called again; this time offering used golf cars from the bankruptcy. John and Gillet jumped at the chance to get back into the vehicle business and purchased 1800 used golf cars. Over the next few years, John and Gillet built a great staff and moved to their current location in Rosedale, Maryland, all the while becoming a major distributor for used golf cars and continuing to liquidate the parts from the bankruptcy.

TireIn 2003, Red Hawk decided to really dig in and set its sight on becoming the best supplier in the industry. To start Red Hawk began partnerships with Santiago (ForePar Group) and InterCoastal Manufacturing (IMC) to build and expand their part product offerings. Throughout this period Red Hawk was also designing, engineering and sourcing parts from manufacturers domestically and across the globe. The timing of this sourcing was fortuitous as both partner companies were sold in another consolidation happening in the golf car part and accessory industry.

CarAs the recession began to settle in during the fall of 2007, the used golf car market began to change, dramatically dropping prices. Red Hawk chose to view the market shift as an opportunity to pare back on car distribution and focus on the development of our part product line while keeping the golf car business as a smaller component. Out of this internal shift came an expanded effort to source and develop products. RHOX, Red Hawk’s line of golf car accessories, was introduced in 2009 with the Mojave tire and has expanded to include most of the golf car accessories sold by Red Hawk. The Red Hawk team also understood that customer service was imperative to having happy dealers. In response, Red Hawk continued to develop the inside sales, marketing, warehouse and administrative teams.

JacksonvilleBy 2011 Red Hawk was running out of room for inventory and staff. We hired employees when we didn't have desks to provide them but as 2012 rung in, we unveiled our new and improved 55,000 square foot office and warehouse space. We thought we were set! But as 2014 came to a close, once again, we were struggling for space for both employees and product. The first answer... put some employees on the road.  Our first Outside Sales Representative began visiting customers in September of 2014. The second answer... head south and open another distribution center.  The Jacksonville, Florida Distribution Center opened in the fall of 2016.  Running out of space has become a theme for Red Hawk; we started shipping out of Dallas, Texas in spring 2018 and Indianapolis, Indiana in summer of 2020.

With over 100 great employees, two three four locations and over 3000 products, Red Hawk continues its quest to be the best in the industry.


Read “Celebrating 15 Years” published in the March/April 2016 issue of Golf Car Advisor.