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BYO LED Light Kit w/ RGBW LED Running Light, Yamaha Drive2 17-19 (Basic, OE Pedal Mount)

  • Item #: LGT-401LT1B13
  • Price: $543.00


  • Plug and Play Wire Harness allows for easy installation of accessories, at any time.

  • Injection molded plastic bezels.

  • 12-48V operation for gas or electric.

  • High/Low Beam compatible projector LED headlights with marker lights and RGBW color accent lights.

  • RGBW LED accent lights have (7) standard colors. Upgrade to millions of colors with optional Bluetooth Controller (LGT-332).

  • Voltage Reducer (VOLT-2000 or VOLT-2001) recommended if installing accessories on electric carts.

Kit Includes:

  • Adjustable LED Light Kit: LED Projector Style Headlights with Marker Lights and RGBW Accent Lights/LED Taillights

  • Plug and Play Wire Harness

  • USB Dual Port Power Socket, 1A/2.1A

  • Basic Turn Signal Kit - includes Horn Kit, Flasher and Column Cover

  • Pedal Mount Brake Light Switch, OE Fit

  • Installation Hardware, Templates and Instructions

LGT-401L Basics and Magic Lumen App

ACC-0097 Dual USB Port Installation